10 Anime Heroes Who Have Nothing To Lose 

Here We Provide Information About 10 Anime Heroes Who Have Nothing To Lose 

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Misa Amane Could Never Get Light's Love

Misa's life was shattered once a criminal dead each of her folks, and Misa felt that she solely had Kira.

Ryota Suzui Lets Yumeko Do The Gambling

In anime, the main character tends to be the hero, the good guy, and he or she saves the day when the chips are down.

Ragdoll Lost Her Quirk & Her Career

This person believed in her and helped her to see that she didn't need her quirk to be successful.

Naofumi Iwatani Lost Everything At First

Naofumi Iwatani had a dream of creating a video game and in 2001 he finally had the chance to fulfill that dream.

Odin/Hina Sato Had Nothing At First

The pink-haired Hina Sato, line herself a Norse deity, had one thing to lose

Thorfinn Karlsefni Only Sought Vengeance

 It's a story of Thorfinn Karlsefni who left behind his wife, Snorri to seek vengeance on the monsters that killed his father-in-law.

Two-Hands Revy Wanders Aimlessly

She has a small group of female gunners known as Revy, And that's a very famous group.

At First, Kenshiro Merely Wandered Alone 

Kenshiro inspired the designs of both the shonen protagonist Jonathan and Guts Zoster.

Saitama Has Almost Nothing To Prove

The caped bald superhero, Saitama, has nothing to lose but his reputation as a hero who is rising through the ranks.

For A Time, Guts Only Had Revenge

During certain story arcs, the powerful Seinen swordsman Guts had something to lose.

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